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    Thankyou Caryn for the layout and Steasy for the basecodes.

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    Rabbit Tail Tutorial
    Friday, November 9, 2012

    (img @ Yesterday's Fate)

    Hello! :D Decided to post a short tutorial on how I made a cheap rabbit tail! :D
    You can use it for cosplay, roleplay, or whatever. Perhaps it might be useful for smt else as well? :P
    Using this for my Reisen cosplay! ^^
    Sorry for the awkward blue background! It's some box in my house haha :P Since my tables are all glass and hence transparent, I find it very distracting when I'm trying to take pictures of the stuff which are actually placed on the table ==
    Haha anw, here goes! :D

    What you need:

    White glue and a paintbrush! :D

    A round styrofoam ball! :D You can get this at Art Friend! Or you can use some other types of balls(white base) as a substitute! 

    Some woolly yarn thing from Daiso! :D The brand on the packaging is Feathery kiss ^^

    Scissors! 8D


    1. Cover half of the styrofoam ball with white glue using your paintbrush. 

    2. Start from the top! Start twirling your yarn and work your way down! Work slowly! It's some sticky work! :P Haha~ 

    3. When you are done with the top half, start covering the bottom half with white glue! Do not cut the yarn from where you ended off for the top half!

    4. Repeat step 2, just that you start from where you ended off just now! :D

    5. Once you have finished covering everything, you should be able to get a cute fluffy ball! :3

    6. Using UHU glue, stick the back of a safety pin to a part of the ball  and you are done! :D 

    Haha sorry my english is horrible because I am currently working on my Rin Okumura's tie and I can't think straight AHAHA :P 
    Will post a tutorial on it soon.. I hope? Ahaha but it's sort of like common sense though xD
    Wanted to blog about lots of stuff but meh, I'M JUST SO LAZY D:

    My followers are not increasing.. sad. ):