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    Dazzling moonlight stars
    Monday, December 20, 2010

    (img @ Yesterday's Fate)

    Really, I'm speechless. I mean, It have been 13 days since I had last posted(OOPS) and my followers are not increasing ): I guess I only have myself to blame though.. But seriously, I'm one busy girl. My homework.. There's still so much left undone! It makes me feel so pissed just thinking of the amount of homework I'm left with D: GRRR.
    How could the teachers torture us with so much homework?!? It's just unfair, it really is. You see, other classes just have to do the homework assigned to them by the SCHOOL, but we have to do THOSE and some EXTRA HOMEWORK that our LA teacher assigned us -.- The whole school just have to complete ONE lit book(To Kill A Mocking Bird) and find 5 vocabularies for each chapter(there are 31 chapters) but WE have to read TWO lit books, and not just that, we have to write BOOK REVIEWS for each of them. And for each book review, we need to have THREE THEMES included. OhEmGee, want us die issit! D: Maybe my classmates wont, they are all smart-asses, but me? Oh come on, I'm just a uberrrr dumb shit! D: Gimmie a break manz.
    Chinese isn't any better either, although there aren't any EXTRA homework given by my chinese teacher, BUT IT ALONE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH ALREADY CANNN! There's two 简报s, one book review, one essay review and one picture describtion -.- horrible right?!
    And yeahh, GEOG, I'm done with part1(which is easy, but have to read up a lot of pages from the geog tb D: ) but part2 DDDDDDDDDDDDD: I've not even touched it yet .__. BUT OI, WE HAVE TO FIND 2 NEWSPAPER ARTICLES RELATED TO WHAT WE READ IN THE TB LEH. Hello? My parents dont sell newspapers, you thought so easy to find related newspaper articles?! Even so, they might not be easy to write the review on. So yeah, have to spam on TheStraitsTimes le lorh -___- SIAN LAHHH.
    Maths was better, just a revision of those topics we have learnt in year1. It took me a few days only ^^ And I finished that ages ago haha.
    Science. IS. THE. BESSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!! :D OMG I LOVE YOU SCI!!! ^^ There's like only this superrrr easy group work lah! :D We completed it in like 30 mins or less? LOL.
    Then.. HISTORY. OK, there MCQ and only some open-ended questions. I thought it was going to be easy. Then I looked at the questions and I was like going "OOOOOHHHHHHHH NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO D:" Yes, I'm a noob at history ==
    So yeah, these are my homework for this holiday -.-
    And I'm still left with SO MUCH D: Dont feel like talking about it anymore. It just pisses me off so much I wanna scream.
    I shall let HATSUNE MIKU cheer me up then [:
    Aww, I love you Miku ^^