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    I'm not going to deny that I'm actually missing the past
    Saturday, April 9, 2011

    (img @ Yesterday's Fate)

    Hey people! I know that nobody would even be reading this post cause my blog's like so dead now .__. AND YES SORRY PEOPLE FOR DISAPPEARING FOR SOOOOO LONG )): Well, I was pretty much tied up by my school work ): This might also be the last post that I'm posting to this blog before I go MIA again. I'm not very sure of what to blog but it sure does feel good to get blogging again (:
    OH AND,
    How can i ever love you guys enough?

    And it actually increased! I remember not hitting 200 last time, if my memory did not fail me :X Anyway, I am still grateful ^^
    Well, so here I'm going to go all emo for a moment :|
    Firstly, I really really can't stop thinking of how happy and carefree I was last time. Now I'm like bombarded with schoolwork and projects. There's not much leisure time for me either. Also, I really really miss my cyber friends, blogskinning and many more. Which now, I have no time to attend to. I miss my primary school friends too. Most of us seem pretty distant now. And well, the times I used to spend with all the people last time and unable to do so now.
    And when I think about the future, I really wished that i had not. Yesterday in the train, me and Kaiting started talking about the future or smt along that line. And well, I almost felt like crying and I really really hope that we would still be as close as we are now. And then we thought of the graduating seniors.. When they move on to the Universities, would I ever have the chance of meeting them again? I know I should be happy for them, but I simply can't bare to see them go. I don't want the friendship to end just like that. Besides these, my primary school friends, in the following few years, would I be able to be in touch with them still? Would I have time for them? And yes, Charmaine, I want our friendship to stay, forever. Also, TJCC, is it me or have we became more distant alr? If so, a few years down the road, what would happen? Same goes for the others who were from EPPS.. Does it seems like I have not lost enough in this world? Idk why, I feel sad, really sad. And I want my past back. I miss my past.