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Hey there! Welcome to my blog! My blog is best viewed in GOOGLE CHROME, screen resolution 1280 x 800. Totally screwed in IE. Remember to leave a tag before leaving alrights? XD Enjoy your time here, yeah? And don't forget to FOLLOW MY BLOG!! ^^ Navigations are below and quick links are at the side! :D

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    Thankyou Caryn for the layout and Steasy for the basecodes.

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    Tuesday, December 28, 2010

    (img @ Yesterday's Fate)

    Sorry for neglecting me blog again ):
    Was out of Singapore and just reached home yesterday night.
    Would reply tags if I'm free cos I'm rly tired and lazy now :X
    Oh, and I'm changing my blogskin soon! ^^ Perhaps later?
    But it wont look nice in different screen resolutions leh D:
    Like the best would be in 1280 x 800 and it would look not as nice + sorta screwed in others. Especially those super wide or super small resolutions. Haish ):
    Hence I decided to upload a screenshot of it when viewed in my com so that you can see how it actually looks like.
    Oh, and it's Hatsune Miku de, so scream if you like ^^
    Now now what am i talking about -.-
    My brain's bonkers now D:
    Anws, I'ved joined a contest!! ^^

    (~ ^ o ^)~ ㅋㅋㅋ If you're interested please send a mail via pika-choooo@hotmail.com or leave a tag at http://cookiebox.blog138.fc2.com/


    - Your blog must have appropriate content
    - No Hiatus / MIA
    - You must put the banner somewhere on your site
    - I will accept blogs and resource sites but not online shops
    - You may only enter ONE blog
    - The language on your blog must be either english
    - Make sure you have no stolen/copied material and you have given credit


    - This SOTM must have a min. of 15 participants and a max. of 35
    - Link the banner to COOKIEBOX.BLOG138.FC2.COM
    - Post about this contest


    Neatness, originality, cuteness, how you treat your guests / affy and tagger and followers, activeness, color combination, popularity, simplicity, language and for resource sites the quality of your graphics


    Me and help from my sister and friends


    December 22 to January 2
    Good luck [2 is a lucky number for me !!]


    1st: a banner for your site, a button set, 2 pixels, 2 CG's, 2 scribbles, permanent advertising spot
    2nd: a button set, a pixel, a CG, and a scribble, 6 months advertising spot
    3rd: a button, a pixel, a CG, and a scribble, 3 months advertising spot
    4-6: a pixel, a CG, and a scribble
    Friendliest blogger: permanent advertising spot, a button set, a pixel, a CG
    All participants: a participation banner, a pixel

    Oh and the screenshot is here: